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 Darvas Box Trading Locator
based on the best seller book  by Nicolas Darvas

Picture for demonstration purpose only

The Darvas Box Locator is based on the trading methodology described in the book
  "How I made 2,000,000 in the Stock Market" by Nicolas Darvas


Easy to use Menu Driven Darvas Box Locator..
Type in your selection to run the scan or view the charts - No programming required

It is a good example of how Technifilter Plus users can easily design
Scan &  Filters to locate important patterns in the market

The Darvas Box locator features:

bulletAutomatically creates watch lists
bulletScan any market of stocks (that have at least a years data)
bulletFilter out stocks in a Darvas Box Setup
bulletFilter out stocks with a user defined minimum average Turnover or Volume
bulletFilter out stocks with a user defined minimum "initial Risk"  (The difference between the "buy" price and the "stop loss" price
bulletFilter out stocks in a user defined price range
bulletCalculate the number of stocks to purchase based on ATR's, Risk or other Money Management rules
bulletIt can also be used to monitor when "stops" should be raised and to where, on formation of new boxes
bulletDarvas trading strategies can easily be backtested (paper traded) on historical data in Technifilter
bulletThe Filter reports and trading strategies can and should be customised to suit the individuals own requirements
bulletOur Darvas CD-Rom Disc for Technifilter also includes an 80 minute multimedia Tutorial
bulletScanning the ASX market of around 1400 stocks takes around 3 minutes on a Celeron 533 system
bulletAutomatically adds stocks found in a Darvas Box to a Special dynamic Watch list
bulletEach time the scan is run this special list is checked for Breakouts
bulletThis list is maintained automatically removing stocks as they breakout or fall
bulletEasily monitor stocks found in Darvas boxes

To learn more about this unique methodology have a look at the Darvas Slide Show

Click here to view a slide show about the Technifilter Plus Darvas Box Locator
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