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  • TechniFilter Plus Program Guide
  • RTR Software Guide to Technical Analysis & Formula Writing,
  • TechniFilter Plus Reports, Strategies & Formulas

Technifilter Plus Program Guide

This is your guide to installing and using Technifilter Plus Software

Guide to Technical Analysis & Formula Writing

This is your printed guide to technical analysis and formula writing in TechniFilter Plus. It will:

  1. Explains essential technical analysis concepts;
  2. Define the formula syntax used by TechniFilter Plus so that you can write custom reports and trading strategies, and develop your own indicators; and
  3. Offer some practical applications. Throughout this book, you will find workshops that offer examples or additional details on a particular topic. The final chapter includes eight articles that illustrate how you can use some of the tools discussed in the previous chapters. The articles are:
    • Regression Channel Breakouts
      Using Reports to Test Entry Conditions
    • Moon Phases & The Markets
      Trend Balance Point System
    • The Random Walk Index
      Signal Prices: What to Look for Tomorrow
    • Trendlines By Design
      Filtering for Cup & Handle Patterns

Reports, Strategies & Formulas

This book documents the ready-to-use formulas, strategies and reports that came with your TechniFilter Plus 8 package. It also explains 15 methods of evaluating technical behavior, including formulas that can be used to identify the behavior.
The chapter on the the ready-to-use filter reports includes suggested filters, gives sample results and marks points of interest.
The chapter on the ready-to-use strategies explains the formulas, rules and signals. In some cases, alternative signals are given.
The chapter on the ready-to-use formulas includes sample graphs, and, for the candlestick and point & figure formulas, examples of the patterns that the formulas identify.

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